Partner help center Terms and Policies CUSTOMER INFORMATION PROTECTION POLICY

(For Service Provider Only)

Customer information protection policy applies to Nail’s Map applications providing e-commerce services on mobile devices (referred to as App Nail’s Map).

By accessing the App Nail’s Map, you (Service Provider) agree to accept and comply with this Policy. If you do not agree with the terms of this Policy, please do not continue to use the App Nail’s Map.

1. Purpose

App Nail’s Map is managed by VIMEX (UK) LTD (VIMEX (UK) LTD is a company located at 9 Napier Place, London W14 8LG, hereinafter referred to as Nail’s Map). Nail’s Map protects personal data and privacy of all customers. The purpose of this Policy is to provide some clear guidance on what is and is not allowed with customer data.

2. Personal data

Personal data is information that contributes to the identity of a specific individual, including name, age, home address, phone number, medical information, account number, information about personal payment transactions and other information that the individuals wish to keep confidential.

The service provider is entitled to access personal data of the customer to execute the orders. However, the conditions set out in this Policy must be complied with.

3. Obligations and Responsibilities of Service Provider

Service provider is not allowed to use customer personal data for any purpose other than executing customer orders. Specifically:

– Referring to customer information in messages on electronic devices or on social networks without the customer’s permission.

– Send mails or call customers for advertising purposes or other activities not through Nail’s Map.

– Send products or services that customers do not order.

Service provider must take measures to protect and store customer personal data safely and securely.

Service provider is not allowed to share, transfer or disclose customer personal data to third parties without prior written consent from customers and Nail’s Map.

If the Service Provider suspects that the computer is compromised and the data may be exposed, it is necessary to immediately contact Nail’s Map via email so that Nail’s Map can assist in processing to minimise the risks.

4. Consequences

The service provider commits to comply with the Customer Information Protection Policy. If violating this policy, Nail’s Map reserves the right to close the service provider’s accounts and listings, and at the same time, the service provider may be held accountable by Nail’s Map and the competent authorities if the compliance with this Policy poses risks or is subject to customer complaints / lawsuits.

These Terms are governed, applied and construed in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. In case the international law to which the united UK and Northern Ireland is a member contains different provisions, the provisions of such international law shall prevail.

Service Provider and Nail’s Map agree that any content in these Terms at a time ceases to be consistent with the laws of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland or international law to which the United Kingdom is united and Northern Ireland. As a member, the content has no legal value. The implementation of these contents will be in accordance with the law in effect at the time the transaction arises.

Nail’s Map reserves the right to change the contents of this Policy in accordance with the actual situation and the laws of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland or the international law to which the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland is a party at the time then there is no need to inform providers in advance. The updated version will be posted on the homepage of App Nail’s Map, service provider continued access to and use of Nail’s Map resources means that service provider has agreed to these changes.

This Privacy Policy is in effect from the time it is posted on the App Nail’s Map homepage.

If the service provider has any questions regarding the Customer Information Protection Policy, please contact the customer service department of Nail’s Map for assistance and answers.

Best regards.