(Service Provider Only)

Upon completing the registration procedure to become a service provider at the App Nail’s Map on mobile devices (App Nail’s Map), the service provider confirms that he/she has read, understood and agree to all provisions of the Nail’s Map Terms and Policy on using e-commerce trading platform (hereinafter referred to as “this Term”). The Service Provider also understands that these Terms are an integral part of the Nail’s Map Service Cooperation Agreement on e-commerce exchanges.

1. About the App’s Nail Map

App Nail’s Map is an application that provides e-commerce services on mobile devices with the purpose of providing an environment for traders, organizations and individuals to conduct beauty service provision (collectively as service providers) and individuals and organizations using beauty services (collectively referred to as customers).

Nail’s Map in these Terms means managed by VIMEX (UK) LTD located at 9 Napier Place, London W14 8LG.

2. Conditions of participation

When participating in providing services on e-commerce exchanges Nail’s Map, service provider must:

– Having full civil act capacity and civil legal capacity.

– Providers who are organizations must be legally established in accordance with the law;

– Allowed to provide services posted on App Nail Map’s.

To be able to use App Nail’s Map, service provider needs to download App Nail’s Map available on App Store or Google Play, access App Nail’s Map, register an account to open a store and provide services on App Nail’s Map. After completing the registration, Nail’s Map will provide service provider with an account to be able to access, use and experience the benefits of App Nail’s Map.

3. Service Provider Support Services

Service provider may require Nail’s Map to provide a number of services to support its business, such as:

– Store management: support to guide providers to list products and services on the provider’s booth.

– Use sales tools: Instruct providers on how to use App Nail’s Map’s support tools to improve sales skills and manage products / services on their booths.

– Improve sales: Instruct providers to use marketing programs, solutions, also guidance on how to display booths and services to attract customers.

 – Order management: Supporting service providers on how to process orders and other tasks related to order management and payment.

4. Service Provider Commitment

Service Provider complies with all provisions set in these Terms and other relevant regulations on participation in App Nail’s Map’s activities.

Provide complete and accurate information, documents required by Nail’s Map to provide services on App Nail’s Map.

Provide feedback on services upon request of Nail’s Map.

In case Nail’s Map deems that the service provider does not meet the conditions to use the services of Nail’s Map under any of the Nail’s Map policies, Nail’s Map is entitled to suspend or delay the performance of the service requested by the provider until the provider fully meets the conditions to use the service.

If the service performance of App Nail’s Map is hindered or delayed due to the impact, omission or error of the provider, Nail’s Map reserves the right to discontinue service to the provider without any liability or compensate any damage.

Service provider guarantees and commitments that service provider has all necessary licenses and approvals from competent agencies and organizations in accordance with the law to participate in providing services on the App Nail’s Map.

Service provider also commits to comply with the law, comply with the provisions of Nail’s Map and regulations of third parties (departments / websites, applications associated with App Nail’s Map).

Service providers do not indirectly or directly commit illegal, unethical, or fraudulent acts to benefit from App Nail’s Map when participating in providing services on App Nail’s Map.

5. Service prices listed on the App Nail’s Map

The prices of services listed on the App Nail’s Map are those offered by the service provider. This price does not include value added tax and any other costs (if any) by law and customers only have to pay the correct price listed to use the service without paying any other fees.

The provider is responsible for issuing invoices (VAT) to customers upon request at the service provider’s location.

Payment for use of the service:

Customers can pay by cash at the service delivery location of service provider, or pay by credit card, payment card issued by the bank or “through Paypal payment intermediary or by other means of online payments” (hereinafter referred to as Third Party).

If the customer chooses to pay via a third party, the payment will be redirected to their website for execution and the payment will be subject to their Terms, conditions and usage policies.

Nail’s Map is authorized by the service provider to collects the customer’s payment through Third Parties. When it is confirmed that the customer has paid successfully, Nail’s Map will transfer the payment from the customer to the service provider after deducting the service fee that the provider has to pay to Nail’s Map.

6. Cancellation of service orders and refunding prepaid customers

Refund time is up to 02 working days from the date of Nail’s Map’s receipt of the customer’s request to cancel the service order.

If the customer pays the service fee in advance to the provider or through the provider’s bank account, the provider is responsible for repaying the customer.

If a customer pays in advance to use the service via App Nail’s Map, Nail’s Map will provide a refund.

All costs incurred related to the refund of prepayments to customers (if any) shall be paid by the provider.

7. Settlement of complaints and compensation

The provider is responsible for resolving complaints and compensating customers (if any) for the complaints related to the provider and the services provided by the provider.

The provider is responsible for damages caused by the provider’s fault including other incurred costs such as the cost of hiring a lawyer.

Nail’s Map is not responsible for any costs or losses incurred as a result of the instructions of the provider to the customer and / or the Third Party.

The service provider and Nail’s Map agree neither party should be responsible for each other’s declining profits or commercial competitive advantages.

Nail’s Map is not responsible for any risks caused by service provider’s failure to comply with this Terms, other regulations related to the use and provision of services on the App Nail’s Map.

8. Authorization

The service provider agrees to authorize Nail’s Map to receive reservations, arrange customer reservations and collect the customer’s money when paying via App Nail’s Map.

The service provider understands that all rights and obligations related to the receiving of the reservation, arranging the reservation and collecting the payment of the customer are the rights and obligations of the provider, Nail’s Map is only the authorized representative of the service provider to perform the above work.

The term of authorization to perform the above works is according to the effective term of the Agreement on service provision cooperation on the e-commerce trading floor of Nail’s Map that the service provider has signed with Nail’s Map. The provider commits irrevocably and does not authorize others to perform the above tasks.

9. Confidentiality

Providers only use the provided information, documents, records (if any) for the purpose of providing their services on App Nail’s Map. Commitment not to disclose or provide to any other party without the prior written consent of Nail’s Map.

Service provider is committed to protecting customer information in accordance with Nail’s Map’s and legal regulations.

10. Liability and disclaimer

When the customer making a reservation on the App Nail’s Map to use the service of the service provider, it is the provider and the customer has entered into a Service Supply Agreement, Nail’s Map only represents the provider to process the customer reservation and collection for providers. The service provider is responsible for the process, quality of service requested through App Nail’s Map. Nail’s Map is not responsible for any risk / damage arising to / from service providers provided by providers.

Nail’s Map is not responsible for:

– Any damage to service provider’s phone / electronic device due to the use of App Nail’s Map caused by malware, viruses, damage to inaccessibility of other communication sites etc.

– Damage and risks to providers due to non-compliance with Nail’s Map regulations and the law.

– Nail’s Map is not responsible for nor resolves all claims related to the interests of the provider if the information provided by the provider at the initial registration is inaccurate and, or the provider discloses his / her account information.

When participating in activities on e-commerce trading exchange Nail’s Map, service provider:

– Take legal responsibility for all information provided to Nail’s Map.

– To be responsible for managing and controlling their accounts, not buying, selling, exchanging, transferring or transferring their rights or obligations to others in any form.

– Comply with the law.

– Comply with the provisions set out in this Term.

– Comply with the provisions of the Operation Regulations, Claims Dispute Resolution Process, Privacy Policy and other relevant regulations of App Nail’s Map.

11. Limitations when participating in activities on the App Nail’s Map exchange

The service provider does not use the services of App Nail’s Map for illegal purposes, fraud, threats, information exploration without the consent of Nail’s Map or abetting the illegal acts.

Service provider is not allowed to change, edit, collage, copy, propagate, … and create tools similar to the service of App Nail’s Map provided to third parties without the consent of Nail’s Map.

Service provider must not discredit the App Nail’s Map in any way.

Do not post or comment on political, religious or ethnic issues.

Do not post violent, depraved, offensive cultural content and images contrary to the law.

Do not use cultural, obscene, threatening, offensive, slanderous language, organizations participating on App Nail’s Map.

Do not post products / services banned from trading in accordance with the law.

12. About copyrights

The service provider undertakes not to violate the use, copying or distribution of any content or information related to or stated in this Terms.

Service provider acknowledges and agrees that all materials, information and content including logos, trademarks, text, images, software, products, services, data, application interface and other resources are intellectual property owned by Nail’s Map and protected by the law.

Service provider may not use, copy information or create other versions on the basis of information of App Nail’s Map on any other electronic means without the prior written consent of Nail’s Map.

13. Applicable law and terms of implementation

These Terms are governed, applied and construed in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. In case the international law to which the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland is a member contains different provisions, the provisions of such international law shall prevail.

Service Provider and Nail’s Map agree that any content in these Terms at a time ceases to be consistent with the laws of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland or international law to which the United Kingdom is united and Northern Ireland is a member, the content has no legal value. The implementation of this content will be applied in accordance with the law in effect at the time the transaction arises.

The remaining content of this Article continues to apply and has the legal value governing, binding the parties’ liability.

Nail’s Map reserves the right to change the contents of these Terms in accordance with the actual situation and the laws of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland or international law to which the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland are a party, there is no need to inform providers in advance. The updated version will be posted on App Nail’s Map homepage, Service Provider continued access to and use of Nail’s Map resources means that the provider has agreed to these changes.

This term is effective from the time it is posted on the homepage https://nailsmap.com/ of the App Nail’s Map.

If the provider has any questions regarding these Terms, please contact the customer service department of Nail’s Map for assistance and answers.

Best regards.